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Buligo Capital is a publicly-traded real estate investment firm listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (since 2021). Focusing primarily on the United States, it acquires, develops and operates a wide variety of real estate holdings in the multifamily, senior housing, industrial and retail sectors. Buligo was established in 2012 and has offices in Israel and the U.S. It raises capital from high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional firms in Israel and worldwide.

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Since 2012, Buligo Capital has been operating in the acquisition, development, value-add, and management of real estate assets in the United States for its investors.

The firm controls the entire value chain – asset identification, financing, planning, development, value-add, ongoing asset management, and disposition.

Long-term collaboration with local partners who are leaders in their respective fields and serve as co-GP’s in deals.

Publicly-traded General Partner: Buligo was listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in September 2021.

The company’s ability to develop and enhance properties provides flexibility and adaptability in the continually changing real estate market.

Proven ability to raise funds due to a strong and high reputation among investors.

Access to non-public transactions with a meticulous closing process.

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(3) Computed based on a weighted average, considering the capital invested by the company's investors in the project, encompassing two projects that yielded negative returns for the investors

Immediate Releases

March 26, 2024

From The Press

June 1, 2022

Buligo realizes $2.7 million in success fees and invests in multifamily projects

May 25, 2022

The hot investment target in the US is the one you haven’t thought of

May 17, 2022

Buligo Capital will invest up to $4 million as part of a property acquisition in the US.

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